Strip & Refinish

Our master refinishers can strip the damaged or aged finish from the wood furniture, and restore the piece to its original condition. This process can be achieved to perfection, leaving you amazed and forgetting that the piece was damaged or aged at all.

Wood Repair

Effects from a loss or old age can wear on the parts of the wood furniture piece. This may require reglueing or repairing the furniture piece to reassure stability. Our master refinishers understand and can implement this process to perfection.

Blend & Match

Often times, wood furniture is sold as a set. If one or two of the items in the set are damaged or aged, it can be resource intensive to attempt to restore all of the items in the set to look the same again. Blending and matching the damaged or aged piece(s) to match the finish on the remaining set items is often times more cost effective and preferable.

Bringing your upholstered furniture back to life...

Choice of Material

If you are in need of having your upholstered furniture restored, you will first need to consider material types and designs for the newly installed material. We can assist you and guide you along with this process to ensure that you select exactly what you desire to revive your furniture piece to your exact satisfaction.

Ordering of Material

Once you have made your choice of material, we are willing and able to assist you with ordering the material. The material will be shipped to our warehouse, and with your permission, we can begin the reupholstery process.

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Apply New Material

With the material in our possession, and with your permission, we can begin removing the old or damaged material from the piece(s) of furniture. Once that has been completed, the application of the new material will take place. Resulting in a beautiful, brand new looking piece of furniture that resembles what it looked like when you first laid eyes on it in the store.