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Image of a small blue star."Dear Fairlane Furniture Restorers Management,

We would like to commend your company for excellent service in handling the packing, removal, storage and return of our belongings due to our recent water loss/damage insurance claim. Your staff was terrific. They all conducted themselves professionally and were responsive to our requests. We appreciate that. It is not often that we could recommend a company with no hesitation, but in this case we are happy to recommend Fairlane Furniture Restorers for such dependable reassurance in our disastrous and long drawn-out water damaged dwelling. Your fine employees (and management) eased the pain. Also, the furniture that was refinished looks wonderful. Your refinisher did an outstanding job. We are very pleased with the refinished pieces. Thank you."
- E.P. --- Beverly Hills, MI

Image of a small gold star."Dear Fairlane Furniture Restorers,

Just a quick note on the outstanding job your crew has done at my home. Your ladies could not have been more efficient in their work and consideration of my dilemma. It is refreshing to see there are still people who are willing to work so hard and under such demanding weather conditions. They treated my property with sensitivity and care. One of your ladies uncovered some of my deceased wife's lost jewelry and her honesty in bringing it to my attention was appreciated. The lead lady kept me well informed and consulted with me on a daily basis. I would recommend you folks to anyone who is unfortunate enough to experience a similar disaster."
- R.K. --- Brighton, MI

Image of a small blue star."Dear FFR,

Please share this note of appreciation with all of the employees involved with my Florida Room disaster. A special thank you to the person that did the refinishing and repair of my antique dining room set. It is great workmanship. I am very happy. To the two young men that picked up my furniture and then returned it - they handled it with so much care and respect. I could not be more pleased. They were wonderful. To the young ladies that packed and unpacked my belongings - they also handled my things with care and respect. They are a real asset to your company. Great gals all around. To the office staff - always kind and helpful. It was great to have them help me along the way.
I thank you all and wish for your good health, happiness and many many years of blessings"
- P.M. --- Woodhaven, MI

Image of a small gold star."To the Fairlane Furniture Crew that was out at my home - all of you were totally, totally awesome! You were all very professional and funny. I was impressed with the entire teams enthusiasm. At the end of the day, everyone was hugging - mostly because I am a hugger. I would love to see all of you again once my new home is complete. Thank you again, everyone."
- J.B. --- Shelby Township, MI

Image of a small blue star."I recently used your company for some work at my house. I have worked in customer service for many years, and I think it is important to take time out and commend someone when you feel that they did a superb job. Yesterday, a crew of 3 men moved all of my belongings from the garage to my basement. They were polite, professionaly and were very efficient. Unfortunately, today I was not able to be there when the ladies did the set up of my items. My 88 year old blind father was home. He told me he offered them coffee. They declined and asked if there was anything they could do for him. He of course declined, but I cannot express enough how wonderful I found their offer to be. They did not have to do that. He told me how nice they were and how hard they worked. For that I thank you. Prior to this flood, I had no idea a service like your company even existed. I cannot begin to tell you how much pressure they took off of me. What they did yesterday and today would have taken me a month at least. It is so appreciated and I will without a doubt let others know of Fairlane Furniture Restorers."- M.B. --- Garden City, MI

Image of a small gold star."I just wanted to let you all know how happy I am with your company and with the two young men who assisted me at my home. They were awesome, very upbeat and polite. They could not have been more helpful."
- A.B. --- Detroit, MI

Image of a small blue star."Dear Fairlane Furniture Restorers,

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your repair assessment of the damage of our dining room furniture: China Cabinet and Set of Drawers; Hutch with Set of Drawers and Cedar Chest!

The two men from your staff that were at our home are exemplary. Their professionalism, knowledge, skills and abilities are unparalleled! Needless to say, the courtesy extended and respectful consideration went beyond the parameters of any professional staff. We were very impressed and I know your workmanship is excellent! Please send them back again upon delivery!

Thank you for your time and attention."
- J.D. --- Farmington Hills, MI

Image of a small gold star."Dear Fairlane Furniture Restorers

On June 18th, we had to leave our home because of a fire in the garage next door. This day was one of my worst in 69 years. The day it happened, in came an amazing company that packed up all of my precious things and took special care of my furniture. They cleaned and took care of all of our belongings for 6 months. The day of the fire, I was so very upset, and in comes an angel - your sales person. She put me in a calmed place, with her wonderful smile and heart. What a caring lady!

Well, six months later, our things are ready to come back, and here again is the wonderful team from Fairlane. The whole team came in and were all polite, and again, treated our things that we worked hard for with great care. We have such respect for the whole group.

At this part of my letter, I want to thank all of the members of the crew that were out at my home for protecting our floors, for moving all of the furniture in as well as the 400+ boxes :(. I also want to thank the girly girls for helping unpack some of those 400 boxes, and again for treating all of my little special things like they were worth a million. As I look back on the terrible time we went through, the one shining part was meeting and getting to know the team from Fairlane Furniture Restorers.
God Bless."
- R.H. --- Northville, MI

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Image of a small blue star."I am very impressed with the individuals you had out at my home. They were all very hard working, respectful and are real assets to your company."
- T.T. --- Oakland, MI

Image of a gold blue star."The two men from your company that were at my home today did a great job. I had a challenging couch delivered, and they patiently worked with me to get it into the house and where I wanted it in the living room. I would recommend Fairlane Furniture Restorers to anyone."
- K.S. --- Detroit, MI

Image of a small blue star."Your employees are absolutely nice people. They made me feel comfortable during the time they were in my home. They were all sweet as can be, and they all do their job very well."
- C.Z. --- Allenton, MI

Image of a small gold star."As you all may already know, I have been recently suffering with some mental issues. The loss at my home has certainly not helped things. All of your employees involved in my loss were very patient in dealing with me. They were all very respectful. They are the best team of workers that I have encountered in a long time, and they all did an exceptional job. You all have angels in your company. They are all very professional and the world is a better place with them in it."
- D.S. --- Harrison Township, MI

Image of a small blue star."I wanted to give praise to the guys from your company that were out at my home today. They were polite, efficient, and gentleman on all levels. I cannot praise them enough."
- L.K. --- Taylor, MI

Image of a small gold star."I just want to begin by commenting on what an awesome job you all did for us. We cannot thank you enough. I especially want to let the owner know that all of the crew members that were working out at my home are excellent assets to your company. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate how above and beyond you all went to make things right again for us."
- D.N --- West Bloomfield, MI

Image of a small blue star."I thought you all would like to know what great guys you have working for you. They are all keepers for sure!"
- C.M. --- Canton, MI

Image of a small gold star."A great job!! Fairlane provided me with excellent customer service. I appreciate all of the work done and the staff/associates."
- M.B. --- Detroit, MI

Image of a small blue star."I want to recognize the two ladies that were out at my home today. They did an amazing job of cleaning my upholstered furniture. It looks brand new! The two ladies were both very friendly and efficient."
- L.P. --- Southfield, MI

Image of small gold star."Your company was recently chosen to handle a very large and complicated series of moves on my Senior Property. Residents were to be moved out of their permanent apartments to temporary units for the purpose of conversion to ADA compliance. The move was to be handled in two separate phases, which involved moving residents out and then back into their permanent homes. I cannot express enough how fortunate we feel to have had Ron to oversee the project and to have Rob, Jackie, Amanda and Darrell handling the labor.

This team was impressive in so many ways. But, I would be remiss if I didn't inform you that each of them has extraordinary customer service skills. They displayed great attitudes and concern for the needs of the residents, all while doing a quick and thorough job. Your team remained positive and professional, in spite of issues that arose due to specific needs of residents. It was a pleasure to work with Ron, Rob, Amanda, Jackie and Darrell and I would highly recommend your services to anyone."
- R.B. --- Westland, MI

Image of a small blue star."There haven't been many bright spots in the process of putting our home back together since the fire, but our experience with Fairlane and all of their people has been nothing but positive. Thank you all for all of your help and everything that you do."
- T.R. --- Orchard Lake Village, MI